How to get more leads from forwarder directory

I don`t recall receiving LEADS from your site. How to be more effective. (Premium Member) Forwarder Directory.

Last day we received the subject question in our support department from one of our Premium Members.

Here our answer:

1.- You are registered in our system as a PREMIUM MEMBER.
PREMIUM members have all the details in our profile, wich means it`s no needed contact through our website, they can click and contact directly from your site, then it´s difficult to see how effective has been or not.

We are working now on measuring that and soon will be in the member's dashboard.
-We have scheduled this future add-on for January 2018-

But, these are the actions we recommend you:

1.-Sent your closest Customers friend review your company. Good reviews :)))

Google love reviews and post those pages with reviews higher.
This is the link you can send:

Or you can add the attached picture in the bottom of your email or website linked to your profile.

3.-Send me one ORIGINAL post about anything of your local city or country forwarder procedure or customs procedures.
I repeat ORIGINAL.
Then I will publish in our website, distribute through all our contacts + linked to your website.

This member had incomplete the member profile. No categories were added and obviously also affect the search results in our directory. Then,

4.-We recommend to have the profile update, including all social media links, and in `About us` section, write original content.

Please do not doubt send us all your questions and doubt you will need.